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Custom Battery Packs

Lithium-ion (Li-ion)

Li-Ion 4S1PLi-ion 6S1P
Lithium ion (Li-ion) battery packs are an advanced chemistry that provides increased performance over nickel or lead based chemistries at a price premium. Li-ion and lithium polymer batteries can have as much as twice the energy density of NiCd (nickel cadmium), have relatively low self-discharge rates, and are capable of high discharge currents.
We use quality Li-ion rechargeable cell Panasonic NCR18650 in all our battery packs.

• Cell voltage: 3.2 – 3.7V (nominal)
• Capacity: 500mAh to 5000mAh
• Energy by volume: 270 Wh/L to 324 Wh/L
• Energy by weight: 105 Wh/kg to 130 Wh/kg
• Cycle life: 300 – 1000 cycles
• Self discharge rate: approx. 10% per month
• Operating temperature range: -20°C to 60°C
• Preferred charge method: constant voltage/constant current
• Size: variable
• Applications: military, industrial, medical, consumer electronics

Lithium Polymer (LiCoO2)

Polymer, with the chemistry of LiCoO2, offering 3.7V voltage, is common in modern applications such as notebook computer, point of sales applications, portable navigation devices, portable multimedia player & mp3 player. Nearly all mobile applications can be extended in running time or have a slimmer design and reduced weight with Polymer battery. It also offers thin and high quality powerful energy source for optimum performance. For all of these applications we offer full range size and capacity options.
The polymer battery can fit many product as all the dimension (Thickness, Width, Length) are customized to your requirement. With this flexibility of dimensional design, the polymer batteries are the best choice for your product. We offer Standard type and High Power type of polymer battery to provide the highest energy you need for your product.