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Electronic products for POS (point of sale) applications

Our light products, such as the LED flasher, turn a standard piece of POS into something truly eye-catching that is proven to increase in-store awareness for your client's brand.
Single, or Multi LED flasher (LED's available in many colours)
LED FlasherLED Flasher

Customized sound modules enable you to express your specific sales messages and product information to your customers.
Card sound Module
sound moduleOriginally designed for use in greetings cards, our sound card modules work equally well as part of a direct mail piece or in-store POS display board.

Motion activated Recordable Sound units
Recordable Sound Box

Small size, high quality MP3 audio playback, Volume selectable, Motion sensing range up to 4m, 16MB SPI-flash, powered by either USB port, or 3 x AAA batteries.
Dimensions: 60*90*26.6mm
Weight: 62g

LCD Video Modules
Video Module

Countertop LCD Display Units

POS LCD Display