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Video Brochure

Video Brochures Australia offers a huge range of screen sizes from 2.4inch to an amazing 10.1inch so you can wow your clients with inbuilt motion video, thanks to a magnetic switch, can start your video automatically upon opening of the brochure. Your video brochure can also be programmed with up to 10 buttons giving you complete freedom and more control over your video brochure than ever before, including volume controls, on/off switch, video select, play/pause, rewind, fast-forward etc.
Uploading video files on to the brochure is also made easy with a simple USB connection to your PC, MAC, or Laptop. allowing multiple video compatability so you can have more than one video on your video brochure!

Short Runs, no problem

You can have as few as 25 full-color, custom printed video brochures delivered to your door in just 12 days from order confirmation.

Specifications & Functions

Get more from your video brochure, we offer the most advanced usability and features giving you more flexibility and freedom to create and excite.